A camel safari is the perfect way to discover desert regions – especially areas as historically and culturally rich as Rajasthan. Ensconce yourself contentedly on the back of an ungulate and admire the sand dunes around you extending for miles – as far as your eye can see. A camel can take you places where a jeep or ordinary motor vehicle will struggle to reach (and only the camel can successfully navigate the dunes). Not for nothing is the camel known as the ‘ship of the desert’; for centuries, it was the only means of transport available in these often inhospitable stretches of land. A camel safari, then, makes for a magical journey, one unlike any other you’ll ever experience.

There’s probably no better (or more romantic) way of seeing Rajasthan than on the back of a dromedary. Crisscross the sands during the day – get up close with Rajasthan’s splendid architecture and wonderful hospitality – and sleep under the stars at night. Boasting the awesome vastness of the Thar Desert, Rajasthan is quite obviously the top destination for camel safaris in India. You can tread the caravan routes of old, passing hamlets and desert communities almost unchanged over time. 


Leave the crowds of city behind on this Jeep safari tour into the desert. Your safari guides will drive you in a 4x4 Jeep vehicle over towering sand dunes, deep into the heart of the desert. As the sun sets over the soft sands, watch for lantern light in the distance, signaling a traditional welcome at the desert camp.


Our Camp offers you a cultural walk in the Lakhamana village, where you see the Traditional life, Mud Tandoors, Water Wells and mud storage system for grains. The villages in Jaisalmer are made up of hamlets, the most basic form of civilization, consist of a collection of huts that are circular and have thatched roofs. The walls are covered with the sand, cow dung, and hay. The bonfire between these hamlets is mesmerizing.


The Museum & Temple Tour to the city includes Desert National Park, Akal Fossil Park, The Folklore Museum, Desert Cultural Center, Government Museum, Thar Heritage Museum with many other options. Also visit of Some temples like Baba Ramdev Mandir, or Tanot Mata Mandir, Shanti Nath Mandir and Rishabh Dev Mandir.